Christianity And Alcohol Consumption

Again, Jesus said many parables using vines and vineyards. (A vine contains the genus from which wine, grapes, and dried fruits are obtained). A study of the plants that can grow in Israel’s natural environment reveals the following:

 Israel’s variety of natural environments—marked by regional differences in elevation, rainfall, topography and soils, and latitude—produces equally varied plant life. Of about 2,500 species of plants, the majority is xerophytic, or capable of enduring prolonged dry spells. Three distinct vegetative regions, each comprising many sub regions, cover Israel: Mediterranean in most of the northern reaches, steppe in the northern Negev, and desert in

the rest of the Negev. This variety of geographical regions supports a wide range of agricultural products, including citrus fruits, bananas, cotton, tobacco, grapes, dates, figs, olives, almonds, and avocados.

The custom, tradition and culture of Israelites do not discourage drinking, Jesus is a product of that same culture and to try to separate his human nature from his divine nature due to fanaticism or religious fervour will be a great mistake. We all know that true knowledge is not an assimilation of distorted facts but the ability to process the fact as it really is and use it effectively in pursuance of a greater cause.

The word “wine” was mentioned in the Old Testament 190 times. It was mentioned literarily, as a figure of speech by God to bless or curse,{ Melchizedek, Isaac, Jacob, Ruth, Israel etc} as an influence on the action of an individual or some people to do evil deeds {Noah, Lot’s daughters, Amnon’s murder by Absalom, etc} for specific instructions for Levites and Priests (Levitcus and Numbers), for instructions on offerings and sacrifices like wine offering or wave offerings{ Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Numbers, Ezra, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel etc}, for gifts purposes {Abigail, Ziba, Solomon etc} for hospitality purposes, {Melchizedek, Judges, Ruth, 2 Chronicles} for celebration {Esther, Nehemiah, Ezra, Solomon, David, Daniel etc}

Almost every book of the Old testament mentioned wine, and all the prophets prophesied that God will bless the Israelites with wine or curse them with wine depending on the state of affairs in the nation at the time of their prophesy.

If you have endured thus far in reading this post script, I will beg you not to stop now.
So far I have only stated facts, I am sure many people will read this and call me an
agent of the devil. I want everyone to understand that I have not made my stand
known. I have only shed light on the truth. I neither added nor subtracted from it.

Now here is my stand on drinking.

Jonadab Recab looked at the faces of all his family members’ one after the other. He
really wish he could delay the inevitable for a season more, but death is the debt
that all men pay and it seems the debt collectors are already knocking at the door.
With much effort, he sat up in the tent and gestured to them all to move closer to
him, as they complied, he started speaking; his voice frail yet commanding

Sons, daughters and wives of Recab, listen to me intently so that your days may be
long in the land of the living. Everything you lay your hands on shall prosper, you
shall be blessed in the city, you shall be blessed amongst all the other tribes and
clans around us. Whatsoever you shall purpose to do in your life shall prosper. Your
joy as an individual, as a family and as a people shall be full! Everyone listening to
him chorused Amen as he prayed.

“All the professions available for mankind is good for you, all but Wine Making and
Farming. These two professions are forbidden for you and all your children forever
and ever. Heed my cry and you shall triumph over all your enemies”. He warned

“Every food available to mankind is good for you, but wine or any fermented drink
is forbidden for you and your offspring from generation to generation, you must
never taste or drink or make anything alcoholic all the days of your life”.

“You must never build houses. Live in tent as we do now all the days of your life.
Because you are but sojourners in this land and only sojourners who do not have
any hope of returning home lose themselves in a foreign land. if you live in
tents, the Lord God of Israel shall surely take you back home one day”.

Jonadab blessed them all by name, cradling the little ones on his chest and kissing his sons and daughters until he grew weary and slept. That night, Jonadab gave up the ghost.

Years later, a prophet came into their country, he preached, prophesied and lamented about an impending disaster that is lurking against the nation. The people merely mocked him and told him to keep quiet. After trying his best without any encouraging result, he cried bitterly asking God why he sent him to a nation where the people are stubborn and so stiff necked that they refuse to avert the impending danger by obeying the Lord.

God told him that though the people are stiff necked in truth, he will prove to this prophet that there are some of them who are faithful, obedient and willing to do His will. He told the Prophet to invite the Rechabites to the House of the Lord and offer them wine to drink.

He did so and he was shocked when he heard that after many years, the Rechabites are still obedient to the instructions of Jonadab, a man even after Nebuchadnezzar forced them to migrate to Jerusalem they were still faithful to their promise.

God then spoke through the prophet, he blessed them saying ‘"Thus says the LORD of
hosts, the God of Israel: Because you have obeyed the command of Jonadab your
father and kept all his precepts and done all that he commanded you, therefore thus
says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel: Jonadab the son of Rechab shall never
lack a man to stand before me."

Jeremiah 35 vs. 1-19.

So I ask, what is the instruction of your father? Apostle Paul said whether we eat or drink we should do so to the glory of God, so I ask again, when you drink do you do so to the glory of God?

Given the calibre of people that frequent drinking joints, beer parlours and bars and pubs, I can say with certainty that while drinking, vulgarity, evil thoughts and schemes, gossip, rowdiness, evil company and indecency are very able companions. You are relieved of your senses, family secrets blurt out of your mouth, your

wallet develops a permanent hole and your health suffers eventually. Don’t assume I am only theorizing, I happen to be fortunate to be one of the type who cannot hold any liquor, but I had friends who can and what they became is nothing to be proud of. I have seen youths with great prospect drink away their education and future, I have seen a young man who got drunk and fell asleep on a pool of urine in a public toilet, I have seen wives battered and in some cases ladies raped under the influence of alcohol. The evils of Alcohol are terrifying, broken homes, dashed hopes, crumpled lives and joyless existence, sicknesses like diabetes, impotency, dehydration, memory loss, illusion, hallucination, delirium tremens, accidents, low self esteem, public embarrassment of family members and friends and other destructive patterns,

Drinking is addictive and when you couple it with smoking, you have singularly relinquished the control of your life to two white elephants that will spell the end of your finances.

The fact that Jesus drank does not mean you can drink, he raised the dead and you have not done so. You cannot take one without the other, you want to drink? Raise the dead first and be a miracle worker!

In your best interest, stay away from alcoholic drinks.

Who am I deceiving? I know man never does anything in his best interest. We rather do things that result in our self destruction. No wonder smokers and drunkards continue to multiply. Our nature detests the truth, and whenever anybody is trying too hard to tell us the truth we kill the person, don’t look at me that way, I am merely stating the obvious. Martin Luther King Jnr., Ken Saro Wiwa and John Kennedy Jnr., are historical examples, all the prophets, apostles and Jesus are the Biblical examples and if you refuse to acknowledge those, look within and ask yourself how come your conscience is already rotting away in a grave you dug! I guess you killed it because it is becoming too forth coming with the truth.

Please don’t kill me.

I am not joking.

The Catholic Church had to create an association that has the sole mandate of helping drunks and drunkards. The members abstain from alcohol all the days of their lives. I have never met any drunkard who started off drinking just to become a drunkard, they merely start drinking like every other person and gradually the drink becomes the Lord of the drinker and the consequences are always too damaging for the individual, the home, the family at large, the church and the nation in general.
It is true that many people indulge in alcohol and live a semblance of a normal life, I have been told often that a lot of business deals are closed over one or two bottles at clubs and pubs. One of my uncles told us that the greatest breakthrough he had in business happened at a beer parlour where he met a man who offered him a dealership business over a bottle of beer. Some said, it helps them relax and not to worry. To many it is a social suicide not to drink! I sit here and imagine a balance scale, I am placing all the good things I have ever heard about alcohol on one side and the negative effects on the other, I can assure you that the danger alcohol poses to the nation is greater than the good it has facilitated between some individuals.

Now don’t think I am being religious, if I am I will not go this far before finding a convenient statement like “What is the Lord telling you” to hide behind. Culturally, the Yorubas associate drinking with laziness and irresponsibility, unlike the Europeans and Americans that entertain with Alcoholic drinks and even keep a bar at home, Yorubas entertain visitors with cold water, it is westernization that made Coca cola the welcome drink in my culture. Strong drinks are reserved for celebrations only, and all the elders demand most times is a bottle of schnapps. Now if I will copy another man’s culture, it doesn’t mean I will completely do away with the good aspects of my culture. Imperialism might have taken over our consciousness but the wise must do away with the negative aspects of the western culture like drug addiction, drinking alcohol, smoking and so on.

I mean, if we wear western attire and speak western languages, sing western songs and live western lives, must we also sin western sins, contact western diseases and die western deaths? All the alcoholic drinks are foreign, the cigarettes are foreign, even the local dry gin is a product of foreign distillation and processing. The more you drink the more the foreign companies manufacturing and selling drinks make money! I therefore advise that if you must absolutely drink, find palm wine, Otika, Oguro, Burukutu, oti agbagba and other local drinks and enjoy yourself. You will see that you will spend less, live longer and if it kills you at least you will die the way your fathers died. Jesus didn’t drink beer, he drank the wine his fathers drank, brewed in Israel, stored in wineskins and served in pitchers. Beer, Whisky, Scotch, Gin and every other drink of such distinction are not our drink, what then are you doing with them?
I daresay, it is wiser, healthier, wealthier, better, happier and much more rewarding not to drink at all.
If you must be drunk, ask for the Holy Spirit, be filled with the Holy Spirit, speak in tongues often and you will be so positively drunk, such that your life, your family and indeed the whole nation will experience change!!!


Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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