Basic Verb Patterns Of English Language

There are some things in English language that need to be learnt and understood basically if you want to make a strong base for effective communication. Verb patterns are one of them.The required knowledge and the correct application of different verb patterns will enable you to communicate your ideas and thoughts in a clear and understandable form.Building English verb patterns accurately will be of great help and assistance in this way.

It is essential to note that every sentence of English language expresses the subject verb relationship. The other components are added to verb pattern in accordance with the requirement. In

fact, various sentence structures can be built, but there are five basic English verb patterns in which most English sentences are formed. They are: SV;S+V+O; S+V+N; S+V+ Adjective, ; S+ V+ Adverb.

1-Subject + verb
John smiles always
Rayeesa will come tomorrow.
Imran is laughing.
Ayesha wakes up early in the morning.

2-Subject + verb + Object
We love our parents.
Imran eats an apple every day.
I respect my teacher
Samuel has developed the software.

My father is an engineer.
Those are my students.
My mother is a writer.
She became a teacher.

Rayeesa is a beautiful girl.
Imran is a nice boy.
The employees

are efficient
Peter is an honest man.

My house is beside the school.
She is there.
I saw her yesterday.
They arranged the meeting last week.

It is worthwhile to note  that various modifying words can be used in a sentence either to provide additional meaning or to make the sentence more interesting, however, the subject verb agreement must always be maintained. In this way, the basic pattern showing the relationship between subject and verb will remain same, but the structures will be different by using various components, such as, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.

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