Benefits Of Being On Linkedin

In this day and age, being on linkedin has a great advantage.There are a lot of gains to be had having a linkedin profile. Linkedin is a business-oriented social networking website founded in December 2002. It’s a great networking tool for the people in professional occupations. Linkedin, on the one hand, helps you stay connected with your existing relationships, it enables you to expand your network and meet and interact with new people on the other. Linkedin, the business oriented social networking site is of great help and assistance for personal, professional and organizational development. It can be used to

find more about people as well as organizations that you want to be connected with or do business with. There are lots of benefits of being on linkedin. Some of the great benefits that linkedin offers are mentioned herein.

One of the extremely important benefits of linkedin is that it connects talents with opportunities worldwide. It can be rightly said that if there are sources to talent, linkedin must be regarded as one of them, as it provides meaningful recognition to your expertise and skills. It helps job seekers greatly in finding their dream jobs. Linkedin is not just for job seekers, it is also of great help for professionals who are interested to find more challenging jobs in the future. They can tap linkedin to find higher level of job opportunities. In this way, fresh graduates, current students or professionals can showcase their personal brand on linkedin to increase their visibility and find great opportunities. Thus, linkedin is of a great value and importance for you, as it aids you greatly to grow yourself professionally.

Mention deserves to be made about social media that’s on the

rise today. Being one of the biggest forces on the internet, social media has not only revolutionized the way we live our everyday lives, but it has also brought a sea change in the way the business is done. Several aspects of business, such as, using tools to market and conducting campaign and the way business interacts with its customers have immensely been improved. One of the most important goals of a business is to increase its awareness and credibility. The same can be effectively achieved by business-oriented social networking site, linkedin. A business can leverage linkedin to grow and provide in-depth information about it. Hence, the ways for global expansion in business.

So, if you want to grow yourself professionally or you want to expand your business globally, then, use linkedin regularly to update your network. Using linkedin is of great importance for your professional and business purpose. If you are not using linkedin, you are missing out things that have immense value and advantage in this day and age.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
Writer, Trainer, Author, Vba/Vb Developer
BBA; MBA-Finance; M.Phil-Financial Management; (PhD-Management)
MA-English; M.Phil-English
Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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