Sugar Rush

A shrewd piece of advice how to keep your weight always the same without accruing extra fat!

Limit consumption of products containing solid margarines - biscuits, wafers, dry pasta and others. Choose soft margarines with low fat.
Add the least amount of fat in the preparation of dishes and culinary products. After the dish has cooled, remove visible solid fat.

Avoid frying, use non-stick pan cover in which you can not use fat - you can prepare in it beets, carrots and peas.
Prefer vegetable oils (sunflower and corn oil, olive oil, etc.). Minerals to animal fats and vegetable fiber, unlike fruit.

(lard, butter), but consume them in moderation.

Keep up the label of food products for fat content in them and choose those that contain less amount of fats.The sugar gives with pleasure a sense of sweetness, so that products containing sugar are often the preferred food.

Refined sugar is represent of sucrose, which consists of glucose and fructose - simple sugars, found naturally in fruits. Sucrose and glucose contained in small amounts in some vegetables and refined sugar, however, is only a source of empty calories, it does not supply other nutrients such as vitamins.

In addition to refined white sugar foods may be sweetened with other sugars such as glucose (dextrose), fructose-glucose syrup, invert sugar, etc.Honey is composed of glucose and fructose, but unlike other sugars contain biologically active substances with antioxidant and antimicrobial activity, thus it is preferable to sugar for sweetening. Brown sugar contains some minerals and is also preferable to refined sugar.

The majority of sugar intake due to consumption of candy, syrupy baklava and other pastries, cakes, waffles, chocolate, soft drinks containing sugar. Sugar is considered by compotes, jams, marmalades and preserves.

Sugars provide the energy for the body quickly, both physically demanding and mentally at work, promote quicker recovery from mental and physical fatigue.

Excessive and frequent use

of sugar confectionery and soft drinks with sugar, however, involves a risk to health. High intake of sugar and sugar containing foods and beverages leads to over-power, above the quota weight and obesity, which in turn increases the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Especially high is the energy value of the cakes that except sugar, and contain other harmful ingredients.

Frequent use of sugar products and beverages are the main cause of dental caries.
To impart a sweet taste to food in individuals with diabetes and obesity may be using synthetic sweeteners, eg. saccharin, aspartame and others. They do not supply energy and create no risk to health.

Recommendations to limit sugar intake, sugar and confectionery products:

- try to drink tea or coffee without sugar. If sweetening prefer honey or brown sugar

- no sweetened fresh milk and yoghurt with sugar

- at least halved the amount of sugar you use in cooking recipes of desserts

- avoid frequent use of soft drinks containing sugar, prefer tap and mineral water

- prefer natural fruit juices without added sugar to the juices and nectars, sweetened with sugar

- ?void the consumption of confectionery.For dessert, choose fresh fruit instead of pastries and cakes

These are my short and goodknowing advices to make your live better and to make off your over weight.For other wile tricks and dodges check my others articles.Live better and god bless you!


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