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Get new Chrome app on Apple Devices
Published By FAREED SIDDIQUI on 2013-02-16 36 Views

Chrome browser is one of most popular browser these days. It is getting used by large number of users. It is become popular because of its few good features. Many people like the fast browsing experience with Chrome in compare of other browsers. Now Google have launched Chrome browser for Apple devices too. So now Apple device users can have Chrome browser for their apple devices like Iphone and Ipad.

This is surely good news for Apple devices. Actually Apple is already having advanced and good Safari browser, but now users can also have third party application from Google itself. Now Chrome lovers can get this browser on their apple devices. This app has many good features. With this application Apple users can directly synchronize with their Google account by sign in. They can have all bookmarks and opened windows from their desktop computer’s chrome browser in to their apple device chrome browser. So this is quite great feature. With this there are many other good features available, let’s see about them.

Features of Chrome app for Apple device

Synchronize your phone with your computer: This is quite good option. With this you can easily synchronize your mobile phone with your computer’s chrome browser. With help of this feature you can easily bring your open tabs, bookmarks and omnibox data from your computer to your phone or tablet. You just need simple sign in to your Google account from the chrome browser of your Apple device.

Surf faster and easily with tabs: Just like desktop chrome browser, you can have great tab surfing experience on your Apple device too. Using these tabs you can easily open multiple sites together and can have great faster experience of Google Chrome. They have given good design which is very similar to the desktop version.

Incognito window in Chrome app in Apple device: Google haven’t forgotten about incognito window in this application. You can open this special window with your normal windows and can experience of the private surfing. Means none of your surfed history and other things will be stored on this special window.

So this is also unique option available which is not available on any other mobile browser.

Easy switch between tabs (Swapping): We can very easily move/switch between different open tabs. Just need to press button and we can easily swap the opened windows. Google have given very cool animation for switching to different windows. It is much easier with very cool graphics. It is surely better than the default browser Safari.

Most visited pages: We can see most visited pages on the starting page of the browser. Like this way we can easily surf those sites which we are surfing daily. No need to write web address for that or no need to search them in bookmark list. They will be automatically available on your starting page, so that you can easily and speedily access those web pages.

Download Chrome app on Iphone/Ipad

So this is it. There are lots of good features available in this new chrome browser in compare of default Safari browser in Apple device. Now all apple users can have great experience with the new app of Google Chrome. Hope this information will be helpful to you to understand the Chrome app more easily. Have fun.

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