Durgapuja Creates Many Jobs For The Society

       Durgapuja (Worshiping of Devi Durga) is main festival of the Bengalee. Other than west Bengal, several thousands of Durgapuja are celebrated inside and outside of the country wherever Bengalee are located. Durgapuja are generally organised by the clubs and committees. Few are organised by elite family, Jaminder family and others. Each committee plans the budget according to their capacity. Even a low-budget Durgapuja also creates many jobs for the society and performs an important role for integrity. Hence it has a strong impact on socio-economic field. The impact of the Durgapuja on society may be realised from the expenditure

spent on different activities.

     Durgapuja is celebrated for five days at the time of Navratri (September-October). Total Budget is spent on Pandal (Tent), Idol, Stage, lighting, Sound system, Interior decoration, puja, mool bhog, prasad, cultural programme, competitions, langar, safety & security, emersion, souvenir and maintenance. For example, a Durgapuja in Delhi may be analysed. The expenditure of a medium-budget Durgapuja in Delhi is around 15 lacs. And the number of Durgapuja held in Delhi/NCR is approximately seven hundred. So, impact of the Durgapuja on local people may be understood easily. Not only local people, so many things such as lotus, Dhaki, Pandit, Dhoti, Saree, Puja samagree etc. come from other states also.

     Durgapuja is the substitute of Rajsuya Yaggna. So its higher requirement gets linked with many industry, organisation and people. Generally the idol is made of clay and so many things are required for its final shape. Common things are

colour, brush, glue, artificial ornaments, false hair, artificial weapons, crowns, dress material etc. Cultural programme includes cinema artists, singers, Dance troops, Magicians, Musicians and so on. Souvenir is related with printing industry. Competition is linked with different prizes, especially books. Security personnel are outsourced from Pvt. Ltd. Companies. Fire fighting appliances hired from authorised agent. Labourers are collected from local area on daily wages. The grocery for bhog is provided from local shops. Fruits for prasad are purchased from local market. Sweets, milk and milk product for puja also provided from local milkman or nearest shop/market. Collections received in cheques and cash are linked with bank. Post office and couriers also earns from invitation cards, notices etc. Mobile companies get additional top up money. Municipality involved for electricity and water supply. Apart from the puja, families involved with Durgapuja provide new dresses for each member. Purchase jewels, ornaments and costly cosmetics for ladies. Complete the renovation, recondition or repair work prior to the occasion.

     Durgapuja circulate the money from top to bottom. About 90 percent fund is collected from various ministries, companies, banks and bigger outlets. Individual and family collections are very less. Total collection is spent in Durgapuja and the money directly goes to the common man. This way Durgapuja provides jobs to the different section of people and brings happiness in the society.

Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

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