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In today’s world India is emerging as a major IT/ITES hub, and India’s over 1 billion population is making it world's important and strong market. There are many important IT companies which are providing great network and quality services and with that they are making India as one of the most preferred destination of IT/ITES.

There are few good companies with International fame which are taking the leap with their value

based performance and providing satisfaction in this field. Let’s know little information about those companies below.

Zenith: They have started in 1980, and played quite good role to provide latest technologies products to the Indian market. It is popular for building Smart Style LED PC. Zenith is the second largest PC manufacturer in India.

CMS: They are leading IT and outsourced business service provider in India. They gave build popular PC systems like Zoostorm and Fizzbook. CMS is now the

largest system builder of UK.

Simmtronic: It is the manufacturer of economical 3G Tablets in International market.

Kolkata based RP Infosystems produce Chirag computers using friendly technology, and provide at affordable price.

Wipro manufacture computers on newest design and Technology. Their PCs are completely free from deadly chemicals.

Govt owned Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) manufacture high performance PCs for reasonable price.

NRI co-owned company DataWind has produced world's cheapest Aakash tablet with the help of Rajasthan IIT, which became quite popular in India especially because of its low price.

So here are few famous companies which are making India proud because of its strong position in the market. Indian talents are really providing lots good stuffs to this technology field. And I am sure they will keep growing like this.

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