Pros And Cons Of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner is a very handy cleaning tool which will make your cleaning process easier. Most vacuum cleaners do have bags which collect dirt particles during the cleaning process. However also available on the market is a bagless vacuum which is mentioned in this article.

A bagless vacuum uses a filter to remove dirt particles in the air which are sucked in by a vacuum cleaner. The dirt particles which are collected in a container are transferred to a chamber which is periodically emptied after every cleaning session. The following are the pros and cons of bagless vacuum cleaners.

Pros of

bag less vacuum cleaners

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners which have bags, with the bagless vacuum cleaner you don’t have to deal with reminding yourself when the right time is to change the bag.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are more environment friendly given the fact that you don’t have to throw way bags other than the dirt and debris collected after cleaning. Throwing away vacuum cleaner bags each time you clean will over time endanger the environment.

Bagless vacuum cleaners are more economical to use than the vacuum cleaners which have bags, this is mainly because of the fact that with a bagless vacuum cleaner you can reuse the filters which makes them cost effective in the long run.

The dirt cup on the bagless vacuum cleaner is visible which helps you to actually see the vacuum cleaner functioning. It also helps you to monitor how effective the cleaning process is and it is also easier to tell when the right time is to empty the dirt.

You can actually see what is being trashed with a bag less vacuum cleaner which helps to be able to

rescue any valuable item which was accidentally sucked in the vacuum during the cleaning process. Whereas with a bagged vacuum cleaner, you don’t have the opportunity to open the bag to check and see if there was any valuable item which you need to retrieve from the trash.

With a bagless vacuum cleaner you don’t have to worry about finding the right type of bag which will fit inside your vacuum cleaner.

Cons of bagless vacuum cleaners

When cleaning out a bagless vacuum cleaner you should be ready for a messy job mainly due to the fact that the dust and dirt particles will spill all over when you pull out the container to empty it.

Most bagless vacuum cleaners might contain reusable filters which are quite costly if they are trashed accidentally. This can cause you to spend more on reusable filters than how much you would have spent on restocking vacuum cleaner bags.

You have to clean the reusable filters every so often after use in order to prevent clogging and suction problems. Whereas with the bagged vacuum cleaner all you have to do is to replace filled up bag with an empty bag.

A bagless vacuum cleaner will expose you to inhale more dust when you empty it. Whereas with a bagged vacuum cleaner you are not be exposed to inhaling in dust when you empty it because of the fact that it is already sealed.

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