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A promising website at the present time proceeding with a purpose of promoting constructive information to be shared for the welfare of people in general with seeming possibility of growth and development among them functions as a blessing and proves a boon to benefit its audience to a greater extent. It is thus the winning stratagem connected with getting advantage from the latest technology in order to implement for the interests and awareness of the individuals providing useful information, facts or evidences that could be of practical utility in actual life of the people, must be regarded as a paragon

of virtue and universality of appeal with a great pleasure ad infinitum. Indeed, a website of such sort serves as an agent and a benefactor for a social change and development offering sociable and constructive moments in time to internet users. In the times in which we are now living, only a privileged few have these qualities and expertscolumn is one among them, which has been on the basis of the above qualities placed on the level of attainment of great reputation and fame that goes with its being promising.

The title of my article is the message of this esteemed website,, which appears on the top with a logo having a discernable meaning as search for valuable information to reflect accurate and fascinating insights among the people in general so as to benefit them in all walks of life. The information of a great insight may be either concealed or conspicuous associated with the talents or the artistic qualities of the individuals whom this valued website - no matter what the time and distance, race, religion, color, sex and nationality is, craves that it could pave the ways to bring them in the limelight with the needful assistance and futuristic design; while respecting their talents; recognizing their artistic flairs; cherishing their unique stylistic features; retaining their distinctive qualities and graceful expressions; appreciating their art of tautology or linguistic redundancy with a unique way of thoughts creation. At the same time it seems to be in anticipation of more prospects seeking to bind all in ties of mutual interests and knowledge and experience sharing process.

Coming to the consideration of how the website has eminently and ideally fitted to objectively demonstrate what it conveys through the message, information becomes insight, will not be out of place. To begin with, “information”, in the main, is the definite knowledge acquired or supplied about something and somebody – It is the collected facts and data about a specific subject. It also means the communication of facts and knowledge. As regards the other expression, it reveals aesthetic value of the message with the word “insight”, encompassing a great sense and meaning as the clear perception of something. At this stage, it is important not to let things get out of perspective, but a wise discretion is to be exercised that looks at the whole functioning of the website from the perspective of writers and the readers. Analyzing the same and on the basis of several evidences which reveal the fact, it may be rightly and concisely said that ever since it was launched, EC has given the impression of being committed sincerely and very much interested with a disinterested endeavor in the accumulation of information and providing and propagating the same in such a manner that the readers may ultimately be delighted, benefited and enlightened by the information with a clear perception. While it is true that the websites is aimed at satisfying its readers with the provision of useful information, it is also true that, by heightening the power of communication, it’s endowed a great opportunity to the writers to make a distinct place in the line of good writers. Many a writer has been able to make separate identity on the website owing to the freshness and concreteness and vigor in their writings that could purify the taste of public and awaken their sensibility. Their written works in the form of articles relating to various general and professional topics, fictions, poetry and criticism resulting in increased knowledge in itself is an evidence of support to the website to succeed in its mission as supplying the useful info for

clear perception that could stand to benefit everyone concerned in all ages and countries.

Moving back to see the website since its inception, we are reminded of a handful examples of those pioneers or the founders who decided to go it alone in pursuit of their goals despite the fact that they had had to face difficulties and ultimately they formed a group leading towards success as desired. It is as though a traveller committed to go it alone through all vicissitudes courageously towards the destination and the people having been inspired and followed his footsteps joined him and so it became a group of travellers finally. The equivalent meaning could be conveyed in Urdu language in a poetic way as well, “Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar, log aate gae, karnwan banta gaya.” The words to that effect are, I started it alone towards the destination, but, as the people came, as it became caravan. The same turns out to be true of Nikhil Gupta, the owner and the administrator of this well-regarded website to make it remain as a valuable website by dint of his foresight. Though it may seem to be going to an extreme to say, but it is fact that without the endeavors of this man of actions, the website wouldn’t have been so successfully running. Thus, behind the success is the personality that is though unseen, yet could be assessed as dynamic, with full of energy and enthusiasm; having a sense of purpose and being able to get things going and to get things done.

Mention deserves to be made about the moderators of the website, an agreement on the fact is almost universal that success of a commercial activity or a business is reliant on group efforts and mutual assistance from one another which leads to accomplish a common purpose. The same is true of EC which is proud to have the moderators with professional efficiencies, whose services are such that arouse our admiration when seen the website being composed with the characteristics that a promising website must have. It thus must be said that their efforts must be duly acknowledged. Their services undertaken in a spirit of deep sincerity is the pride of the website. Their names are worth mentioning here, Han Van Meegerin and Sharon L. West.  As a final note, a really competent website is comprised of some specific characteristics. Having had the attraction in terms of its simple and professional design with a rapid rate of movements and user friendly navigation process, it functions as an exponent of unique and fresh content to present the targeted audience to entertain and delight and to help them out in their humble walks of life, while being focused at search engine optimization. For all the above reasons, one can find great benefits and have the privilege of being associated with such promising website. ExpertsColumn is the one. Hence, join expertscolumn in order to release your potentials of writing and see what it makes if you have a taste of it and be benefitted from the useful information with a clear perception if you love to enjoy reading, as experstcolumn is where information becomes insight to let you have a foresight to prepare yourself for all walks of life. You may have heard or overheard a common sentence pertaining to the products being marketed, use it and know it. I would say this, register your name to earn money and fame. To register, please click on this,

Written by:
K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
Writer, Trainer, Author, Vba/Vb Developer
BBA; MBA-Finance; M.Phil-Financial Management; (PhD-Management)
MA-English; M.Phil-English
Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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