Reason For Getting A Guman Tong

There are many reasons for people to get a Guman Tong.

Some people have heard about the good things that a Guman Tong can do to their adopted father or mother.

While it is true that most people manage to have a better life after adopting a Guman Tong, that is not the real reason for it.

Before we talk about the real reason for getting a Guman Tong, let us know more about it.

Guman Tong is an amulet or statue containing the spirit of a child. According to the belief in Thailand, the child who dies young does not have a good

rebirth, because it is too young to accumulate merits to obtain a good rebirth.

The child becomes a wandering spirit.

The Buddhist monks teach Buddhism to the spirit of the dead child, and provide a way for it to gain merits.

The method is through making Guman Tong amulet or statue.

When you bring Guman Tong back with you, you become the parent of the spirit child. Your job is to help Guman Tong to gain merits.

That means when you donate your time and money to a worthy cause, you will dedicate the good deed to the Guman Tong. You can say that you are doing all the good deeds on behalf of Guman Tong, so that he will have a better rebirth.

That is the real reason for getting a Guman Tong.

The law of karma works in this way. When you help others, whether it is your Guman Tong or the people less fortunate than you, you will reap the reward sooner or later.

In the case of

Guman Tong, he will help you to smooth your life. You will gain the job that you like. You will gain true love. You will have a better relationship with others.

You will get richer so that you have the means to help more and more people, and dedicate the merits to the Guman Tong.

Most Guman Tong parents enjoy such peace of mind. They are very happy with their lives, and they continue to adopt more Guman Tongs into their family.

If you use Guman Tong to hurt others, you will experience bad things happen to you. Guman Tong will not listen to you, nor harm you. It is your own evil intention that hurts you in the end.

As a Guman Tong parent, it is your duty to teach him to behave, and teach him to do the right things in life.

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