How To Reduce Global Warming | Top 5 Ways

Actually, it so happens that the burning of fossil fuels lead to the enhanced level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is a prime giver of global warming and greenhouse effect. These fossil fuels include oil, coal, natural gas, and gasoline. You can certainly diminish the demand for fossil fuels that indeed gives rise to the global warming. I have explained some of the useful ways to reduce global warming.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

First, you should give your maximum efforts to reduce global warming. One such effort is that you must focus on picking out reusable products instead of disposable

ones. Go for those products that demands minimum packaging. Besides, if possible for you, recycle glass, paper, plastic, and aluminum cans. However, if there is no such recycling facility available within your vicinity, ask about starting one. In this way, you can surely save about 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Use Less Hear and Air Conditioning

You have to make certain arrangements that won’t make you to use air conditioning too much. Some of these steps include; 1) consider adding insulation to your walls or attic; 2) consider adding weather stripping around the doors. These will

surely lessen the heating costs by 25%. Besides, don’t forget to turn down the heat when you are either asleep or not at home. All these measurements could save around 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Change a Light Bulb

If it is possible, use bulbs with solid fluorescent bulbs instead of regular light bulbs. This will indeed save you at least thirty dollars over the life of the bulb.

Buy Energy-Efficient Products

If you’re going to buy a new car, go for the one that provides a good gas mileage. Some of the common energy-efficient products are home appliances. Don’t buy products that come with excess packaging. By doing so, you can actually 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Use Less Hot Water

If you are using water heater, set it to 120 degrees to save energy. Besides, if your heater is 5 or 6 years old, better wrapping it in an insulating blanket. This will reduce 350 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

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