The Best Products Are Shooting Stars From Amateur To Professional

this is products where you can get one of them to make shooting or be photographer, it is my this is my suggest CANON EOS 7D
this is products where you can get one of them to make shooting or be photographer, it is my this is my suggest CANON EOS 7D Any amateur photographer user Canon EOS 7d would certainly feel like a pro. Among the great features of this camera are its ability to produce crystal clear images at 18.0 mega-pixels and 19 point auto-focus system. With such superior technology, you know anything captured by its lens will turn out great. If that is not enough, 7D is also equipped with an incredible high definition video function. It is a must-have for amateur and semi
professional photographers and videographers. RED SCARLET-X If you are an aspiring filmmaker, and happen to have come into a big inheritance lately, then you may want to consider investing roughly US$10.000 in the red scarlet-x video camera. Well, it is touted as the best digital cinematography recorder with 4k video and 35mm sensor. In simple English, its mean that red scarlet-x records in digital image form (rather then on film) while maintaining similar, if not better, picture qualities on par with much pricier traditional camera. Knowing, District 9and The Social Networkwere shot with this type of
camera. Isn’t it awesome? ARRI: ALEXA Did you notice Channing Tatum’s hair was shinier that usual in 21 jump street and Scarlett Johnson’s complexion was particularly radiant in the Avenger? Well, there is reason for that. These two movies, along with Hugo, where shot using a special digital cinematography recorder simply known as ARRI: Alexa. Its sharp focus means that recorded images are cleaner, brighter and smoother, its also highlights human skin tones and enhances cinematic depth of field. With built-in modularity, PL mount lenses and a super 35 sized CMOS sensor, the camera captures up to 2880 x 2160resolution. LEICA M9 TITANIUM Between 2009 and 2011, German optic company LeicaCamera AG released a special edition of its m9 range. As you may have guessed, the ultra cool camera cost an arm and a leg – various online shop sell the camera from anywhere between US$6.500 to US$10.000. Designed by automobile designer Walter De’Silva, the camera features an attached metal finger loop covered with leather for shooting purpose, as well as a special lens hood with four slits to prevent obstruction of the viewfinder. The titanium version, which is available in a limited run of 500 cameras, cost almost $30.000

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