The Energy Of Love

The energy of love is a healing balm.
People who love are at peace with yourself. They get sick less often.
The more you love someone, the more light is there in your life.
Do not limit yourself to expressing love.
Let's not waste any of our days in hatred and negativity that only keep us locked into hatred.
Aim for a state of inner peace and understanding with others!
Maintaining morale and love is the measure of our being.

Satisfaction depends on the degree of commitment to others.
When we spend time on something does not mean that we give

all of yourself.
There are different levels or degrees of commitment.
If you dedicate your full attention, imagination and love to this task,
it will undoubtedly be the satisfaction, we have not dreamed of.

To treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves, is a rule that works wonders.
Each day offers plenty of opportunities to do good to others: be careful, caring, understanding, or to show to provide support.
If we think for ourselves and for others around us, life would be easier.Kind words that we heard in childhood are remembered and continue to give us strength and warmth.

Regardless of the circumstances, we  should remain compassionate and generous to the people we meet in life's journey.


Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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