How To Create Charts In Microsoft Excel

Creating or inserting charts in Microsoft Excel worksheets is quite simple and easy. Depending on need and importance, you can insert various charts in your worksheets. Microsoft Excel offers several charts and you can make use of any of them. Just to name a few are: Column chart, line chart, pie chart, area chart and other charts.

If you want to know how you can create charts using Microsoft Excel worksheet, this article might be helpful for you. It is hoped that after having read this article, you will not only have been able to create charts, but also changed and

designed chart type in accordance with your requirement.

Assuming that you need to insert a chart for five students, A, B, C, D and E who have obtained these marks percentages in their exam, 70, 79, 85, 90 and 55, the range is from A1 to B5. The first step is to select the said range. Second step is that you need to click on the ‘insert’ button which you will find on top after file and home. After you click on insert option, you will see different chart types appearing on the top. Now click on column chart. After having selected clustered column, click again. Now, you will notice that the column chart has been created showing the names of the students on X-axis and

the values starting from 0 to 100 on Y-axis.

After you insert a chart you may also like to change the chart type. It can also be done conveniently. Just place the cursor on the chart type and right click. Then click on chart type. You will see that there are several types of charts appearing. You can select whatever chart type you like. In this way, you will not only have learnt to insert a chart on the basis of the selected values, but also been able to change the chart type. Subsequently, if you wish to format plot area, you can do so by right clicking. Here, you will find various options, such as, fill, border color, border styles and shadow etc which you can use to format the plot area of your chart successfully.

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