Hatonn’s Question And Answer Period: Entry One

We are not changing topics, dear ones. It is just that all information is valuable and all does fit in like a glove. To set the record straight,  Certain people have written on the internet concerning myself and Dharma, another scribe. I do not know Dharma nor have I ever met her, therefore, any presumption written about us is pure fabrication. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Wednesday, 7th December 1994 2:30 pm

(1) RENI: Are the rumors of man's alleged ability to clone human beings to the extent of producing carbon copies of world leaders true? To what extent is cloning of

humans practiced, for what purpose, and do we have cloned standing armies ready to execute any kind of ordered atrocity? What is the truth about cloning?


HATONN: “Greetings and good morning to you, Seila, though I suspect it be the afternoon in Canada, hey? Well, I am all settled here in my comfy chair, here in D.C. and according to my agenda it seems as though I have a good three hours of free time on my hands. Strange occurrence though it may seem for me. However, enough procrastinating. Let us begin, please. I will, however, take the questions one at a time.

SEILA: Hatonn, thank you so much for attending to this question and answer period on our behalf. Will you be writing another book through us? I have the questions on the screen and I will read them off to you via telepathy, if that is alright.

HATONN: “Surely, that will indeed be fine. As to the issue of more books or not, all is in the making and I am at present time working consecutively with Dharma. But needless to say, this type of material is potentially dangerous for Dharma and her crew and she need not manufacture any such linguistics in my name when a true starseed is present, namely ye ones of the earthen plateau. At least for now. You know the way, for it is within you bothe as it has always been in times past. Let us now proceed with this dictatorial monologue, please, with no more delays. Time may be free occasionally, but never is one obliged to waste it. Salu.



HATONN: “I see you both are indeed studious, to say the least. However, a good question! In order to answer it fully I will take you back to the season of when it indeed was instituted. Long before either of ye ones were of the mourning ability for the finding of yourselves down here, there were the fullest intent of scientists from three European countries, or states to be sure for the size of them, who had at the time counterproduced the effect of restructuring the most highly complex DNA cellular structure with that of, for to say the least, "alien" tendencies. This created a subservient cellular structure, which, for sake of a better word, we will call it ‘aberrational concern.’ This statement so made, later down toward the sixth century was forfeited as being too dangerous. However, it later was founded and picked up by more of our regular scientists in the latter decade of the eighties.

“You see, cloning is not really that old.

Because of their success being in rapid movement of the artillery of nuance, they ones of old did in fact adhere to the conclusion, that to separate certain cellular structure and combine them or rather integrate them together with those sensitive but selective irregular patterns of those far below the Earth crust, would indeed take quite a piece of art work in the modifying context of design. They also knew of the dangers contributed to such leaps of faith, but nevertheless, there were always those telltale signs which explicately read, that success was never a misdemeanour as far as the world of science was concerned.

“Now to answer your question briefly. No, not every world leader is cloned. Only those ones, who in fact would prove to be among the major contributors to societal benefact. In other words, don't let anyone tell you ever, that 90% of the world leaders, or even those who hold high office, are really not themselves. Yes, cloning is done, and yes, it is done to an extent of which I wish it was not, but never be of the gullible fact that it is done solely to undermine the societal structure of mankind in general, for this is a complete fallacy.

“We have cloned individuals for the major event of pertaining to world peace, believe it or not, for the ongoing progression of mankind will never submit itself into someone's hands, which as a promising world leader would indeed prove detrimental to his or her cause. It is for the reason of national grace that we have succumbed to the fact that bracing human intelligence with that of strategic extraterrestrial influences could only serve to accommodate neutral ground for both races, whilst benefitting mankind itself.

“We are not all bad after all, and only by the saving grace of our wits were we able to succumb to the portion of goodness, which would relate into the repertoire of mankind's ever nearing extinction. That cause in itself is a mere fantasy as well, for no nuclear devices are scheduled to drop upon your heads. Do you not realize that we are an inch smarter than that?

“So, dear ones, do utilize your own goodly reasoning power, and project it into whatever reality is dwarfing the nations of the world. By doing this, you can be sure to help. As for over 100,000 to 250,000 cloned soldiers off the coast of China, that is ridiculous. But fantasy stories are often admired by the few, who have nothing else to do. On with the next please. (End quote)

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

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