Finding Closure

Closure is an important phenomenon which simply means tying up the loose ends that helps you move forward and carrying excess emotional baggage. These hindering thoughts and feelings are definite setbacks that interfere with peace of mind and forms a stumbling block making progress and success even harder to attain.

Moving into another life phase, requires complete or to some extent or another, a sense of closure as we move into another chapter of our lives. This can refer to any life episode, be it lost or broken friendships and love, a broken marriage, alienated family and children……a list can

be endless. But then again we can argue that emotions are here to stay…no human can switch on and off like some mechanic device and I am not asking you to function in this capacity…Weigh out the options, write them down on paper if you have to and next to each option honestly grade the score of productivity linked to each negative vibe.

You by yourself will realize that it is better to let go of this thought, emotion or whatever it is that is holding you back. Much useful and latent energy gets wasted on these hitches we frequently can do very little about. One needs to harvest this energy into more fruitful and accomplishing tasks that makes one move forward , rather than being dragged into the past….it becomes a matter of taking one step forward and two steps backwards. The end result leaves us standing in exactly the same spot from where we once started. If this happens all the time life will become a stagnant strife, surmounting in frustrations and hopelessness. The idea is to aware of these moments, hold your thoughts in check and break free from there.

There is only you to blame, as you are the master of your own destiny. We are all faced with mishaps or misfortunes, as they are not immune to

any human form…it is how we deal and accept these mishaps that will largely determine the outcome of our future lives.

There are many ways to achieve closure. You can choose to do it any way you like…cry or scream, confront the issue directly, or simply find a way of dealing with it…but most importantly deal with it. Hiding from issues or pretending that it will go away or never really happened will only escalate and cause the problem to reach breakable proportions. From personal experience, illness like cardiac problems, Diabetes, Hypertension….to only include a few are the direct result of uncontrolled stress and pent up emotions….Heredity and genetic makeup has very little to do with it….yet one cannot deny the underlying causes of genetics or heredity, lets not blame our illnesses onto our fore fathers and families of origin.

Work out what solution works best for you and then all else will fall directly into place. Finding closure is largely an individual matter, so no amount of tutoring and help from others is going to make the tiresome journey into being free any easier. The task begins with the first step, so please urge yourself to take this first step. Life is built on a series of learning experiences, most importantly making mistakes are acceptable and okay but learning from them is the crucial aspect of any experience…what to do or what not to do when a similar situation arises at any point in the future.

Sources and Citations:

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Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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