How Extroverts Are Suitable For Sales And Marketing Field

There are some particular fields that demand certain Personality characteristics of people to meet both aspects, to produce the desired results and extract what benefits the field gives. Having hailed from  particular educational background, people enter fields that match their skills. It may be rightly said that there are some specific domains that seem exclusively made for individuals with particular personality traits. Marketing is one such field that calls for an extrovert personality–An outgoing personality with an ability to communicate well is the key characteristic to work in a successful manner in the field of sales and marketing.

It is worth mentioning what

sales and marketing areas demand exists inherentlyin the people having extroverted personality.Extrovert- comes from the Latin word "extra" meaning "outside of." An extrovert is a person whose interests are directed outside the self. It is the person who is sociable and self- confident. He is a lively person who enjoys being with other people. In this way, the marketing major is suitable for extroverts as it needs negotiation and persuasion skills being outdoors as often as it is needed.So, it would be appropriate to say that sales and marketing professionals tend to be extroverted.

A person, having been characterized by extroversion and energized by being around the people, enjoys the social gatherings. It is the requirement of sales and marketing

field to organize the business and sales meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, MBR – monthly business review meetings etc., all theseinterest bests to the extrovertsto work effectively and efficiently while having the pleasure of such activities.

To end with, extroverted personality is not the guarantee of productivity, as such, it is not that one need not put sincere efforts to produce the desired output. Regardless of personality traits, one with all diligence needs to persistently put earnest efforts towards the accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives if one is willing to survive successfully in the field of sales and marketing.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
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