How To Make Money On Twitter Or Facebook?

The issue is very simple, no business gives stitch without thread, any business idea always aims to sell to make money, because if you are not sure that goal will be anything but a business.

So the big question is why is that big or network marketing companies are dabbling heavily in social networks? ... The answer is simple: because they know that there are potential customers and therefore can make money on these social networks.

Perhaps his motivation when he opened his account on Facebook or on Twitter was to connect with friends and experience communicating with people who do not

know. Large companies however do that to make money.

One of the great advantages that the internet has given us, is that one need not have large amounts of money to develop business strategies that previously could be reserved for large companies.

That is why we too can make money on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

Business Ideas

But then how I can make money on Facebook and Twitter?. Here is a step forward and then three business models that can be combined to make money in social networks:

1. Previous Step - Build My Own Social Network. On the Internet, as in any other business idea, you must have an audience, an audience which can then go on to develop our business model to sell and make money.

So before you think about making money on Facebook or Twitter or any other social network, we have a network of contacts within these social networks. In Facebook will be building "¨ fans page our business idea on Facebook and Twitter will build a network of supporters ¨" our tweets.

To build the network itself within these social networks should follow a clear strategy to provide valuable content that is relevant to capture the attention of our fans or followers. Such content must be designed taking into account the sales process then I will develop.

I mean, if I have to sell floral arrangements aimed at social networks, my tweets or postings on my "wall" will have to go to capture issues people are interested then buy these floral arrangements. Perhaps valuable tips on how to woo a woman, valuable tips on decorating, care of plants or related topics. The subsequent sale process will thus much easier and natural followers since I'll be of higher quality than quantity perhaps.

2. Models to make money in social networks. Once you have your own social network on Twitter or Facebook, will I have to go to the sale to earn money as a business idea will always be my goal.

Building my own social network but I shall never stop moving immediately afterwards to the process of making money and there are several business models that can be followed and which are not mutually exclusive so can be combined. Among the most important are the following:

2.1 Use social networks only as leverage to generate traffic to my website where you will develop the sales process. This model

is the most common and perhaps the most advisable given that social networks are very sensitive to direct sales process.

Both Twitter and Facebook all you'll do is give news of interest to capture the attention of my potential clients very carefully and proceed to drift to my website where they will find the products that I am selling.

One way is by example, that more information of note is that I posted on my website.

2.2. Develop direct sales. The previous model can be recommended for more established business ideas but for someone who wants to start making money on Twitter and Facebook may not be able to derive traffic to your personal website you might not have.

In this case, no choice but to go to the direct sale of products in social networks and there are some basic tips:

- Publish the news that it is selling between 2-3 times as much in the day. Once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once at night so that the news reaches the widest audience. Do not do more to avoid falling into the SPAM.

- Add a hashtag on Twitter as # enventa that is very popular.

- In Facebook add photos of product to sell and use Twitter apps that let you do the same (eg Twitpic or use TweetDeck).

- While you do not have a personal website to provide more information about the product using free tools like free market or a classified system.

- Geographically located where you are both on Facebook and Twitter as the sale usually close them with someone who is close to you so hard that you will ship the products to other cities or even countries unless you're selling digital products .

2.3. Earn money through advertising of third party products. In this business model the step explained in point 1. yes there is fundamental and more interested how many people we have in our network before the quality of our followers.

In this model I earn money by promoting products, for advertising and for that I must be a person with great "influence" in social networks and it is measured by the amount of followers or the number of fans you have.

More and more programs are emerging to develop advertising in social networks and that this model will become more profitable by competition there.

Good luck in your business online, if you have a clear strategy, make money online using social networks can be a very profitable business idea that can develop from home.

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