How A Manager Is Responsible For Employees’ Professional Development

A manager must know how and when he needs to shift his thinking from business needs to people’s wants and needs. He must understand employees and their professional needs. If there is constant trust and support from the manager towards employees’ professional development, the employees can perform better in whatever assignments they are expected of. It must be noted that, to a greater extent, manager is responsible for linking the organization’s needs to employee career goals. Hence, a successful manager is he who knows better how to shift his style to work effectively for both organizational development and the professional

development of employees.

He should be perceptive to his people’s wants and needs and sensitive to events as well as in dealing with their emotional issues. It is then only he can handle situations successfully. Since he is responsible to delegate responsibilities to his subordinates based on their specializations and make the most of team building to develop efficiencies, competencies and organizational development, he should know whom to promote for the betterment of the organization. Unless a manager takes necessary steps towards enhancing each employee’s current job performance and providing future job opportunities; he differentiates between the costs of bringing in talent from outside and promoting the capable employees from within, he may not be regarded as a successful manager.

A manager who does not take time to foster his employees’ talents and to create right opportunities for them; who does not appreciate them and create a plan for their growth within the organization,

neither he remains in their good books nor is he remembered as a good person. It is worthwhile to mention that good people are always remembered as blessing, while those who are not good to others, are soon forgotten like a bad dream.

It is important to understand the professional needs of your subordinates if you are a manager. It should be thought that if you got a higher position, your subordinates can also be entitled to get it in the future if they are capable and worthy of it. It is worth mentioning what has been pointed out by H.S.M.Burns, “A good Manager is a man who isn’t worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.”

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