How Poetry Relates To Our Life, Explaining Selected Verses/connotation (part 2)

The excellence and the beauty of any poetry may be appraised on the basis of its distinctive qualities by which it gives us the pleasure of reading and enjoyment while it is a god source of delighting us.This is the uniqueness of the art of poetry that it does not only let the reader enjoy but also inspires him to know the realities of life. It is one of the best qualities of a poet to put aesthetic qualities, poetical images and the ideas in the poems and to make the reader familiar with the information relating to the various

aspects of life. You can read the article part-1 relating to the same topic:

Scarcely might there be a subject or a topic that may have been left untouched by the art of poetry. In fact, most of them have been so artistically and beautifully written and presented that one cannot help appreciating while recognizing the value of poetry. It thus will not be out of place if said it relates to our life discussing various situations of life.

That which is said that one must put oneself in the place of another person to interpret the situation or situations, must be regarded as one of the best suggestions guiding one to live life in the light of reality freeing one from being indulged in vain speculations. It may be appropriate to mention, once it happened so that one of my friends mistook a situation and in the very instance I spoke out to him, “It is embarrassing when I am understood to be different from what I am.” However, we had a casual attitude towards the situation; the response of my friend was “Your saying is appropriate, do we have any verses relating to the situation?” It reminded me at once about the following connotation and the same I have mentioned below which relates to every individual when he gets into a sort of situation that calls for the need of accurate perception.

It is worth mentioning here the connotation of a verse of anonymous Urdu poet - which is related to the situation of life which an individual may have every so often or sometimes. “Seeing my circumstances, do not form any opinion about me. As my circumstances will change, so will your opinion.”

An additional sense or the sense associated with the above connotation reveals the reality of life when one is perceived by others different individual from what he is in reality. There

are situation when people may form various opinions about a particular person without knowing him personally. In spite of the fact that the above connotation is in brief, but it gives us a broader sense emphasizing over the need of developed perceptual qualities in the individuals so as to interpret situations accurately.

Perception is a psychological process of observation and interpretation. It is the process through which individuals receive stimuli from the physical world. It involves using senses to acquire the information about the surrounding environment or situations and making interpretations accordingly. What is perceived in a way is revealed to behave in a particular way. It gives rise to understand the aspect that the same world is perceived differently by different people – that is to say - the world is not the same to every person as everyone will have varying views about the world. It would be appropriate to say that every individual lives in his own perceived world which is different from the real world.

Attention must be focused as to what is implicit in the development of perceptual abilities. The same can be outlined herein. There is a need to avoid forming an opinion about an individual without reading him properly. It gives rise to have balanced and unbiased outlook else it will result in perceptual distortion. More to the point, it is the fact that the one who understands himself well can understand others appropriately. Further, it is said generally, to understand the situation of another person one must live in his shoe. That is, to think what you would do if you were to be at his place.

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