Official Indiscretions

Recently in our nation we have had some serious personal events for different elected, appointed and want be elected officials. It seems that sex is always the problem. Why should it be so? There are many things they could get in trouble for; it seems all of that is over looked until the accusers find something sexual to accuse them of, again everyone is dictating to everyone else what their morals should be.
Let us take a look at a few things that have in recent years: a man is starting to campaign and make a run for President of

the United States, then some woman or women accused him of fondling them when they worked for him in his former business, but how many years ago did it happen? He quickly disqualified himself and quit the race.

The next case involves a man that had already been elected and a good looking junior staff member. His famous words are “I did not have sex with that woman.” But they were seen the Oval office doing it. So I guess the eye witness was blind. They were only doing it orally, so it wasn’t actually having


The current case is where a hi-ranking General of our military and director of our CIA, stepped down because he was caught sending E-mails to woman that was not his wife. Tell me why he did that? We are told a tale about events and happenings, investigations and what could happen. My feeling is that there is lot more to the story than what we are being told. The commentator said the same thing on the news today. Now another ranking military man has been dragged into the mess, who knows where it will all stop.

Marriages and family’s, breaking up, and in disorder. All because of a simple thing like an E-mail. I have heard that there is nothing romantically incriminating in the E-mails, so now the use the excuse of national security. The thing is the FBI did search that woman’s house and found copies of classified documents in her house, now there is a whole different light shining on the whole affair. Possibly there is something to the security thing after all.

Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

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