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Writing articles on a blog is one of the best ways to show what we do, to what we do and the services we offer to people who may be interested in that topic.

After finish writing an article and post it on our blog begins, I would say, the most important part of our job, promotion, and this task is that I want to speak on this item.

You can be an expert in writing, have the highest knowledge about what you write, but if no one reads it really is as if there wherefore promotion techniques, the tools to do

and how to do so is crucial if we want to reach a large audience and get some credit for it.

Some of the strategies to promote our products are:

Use plugins to make it spread on social media, some of them are for example:

Social Media Page, you can show all your social networking profiles so that our visitors choose to follow or not.

Share On Facebook, this plugin allows visitors to share your content with friends on facebook.

Facebook Comments This plugin allows us to take our blog's comments we receive on our Facebook profile.

Publish to Facebook, its function is to publish our content automatically from our blog to our Facebook profile.

TweetSuite, integrates your blog with Twitter can update your twitter account automatically.

Wibya bar, has integrated

several services, just what we need to configure the services we use, like twitter or facebook.

Sociable Plugin, with which you can add the option to share your content not only in social networks, but also in public places including specialized content called social bookmarking.

I Love Social Bookmarking, Lets share blog content through Blinklist, Blogmarks, Digg,, Furl, Newsvine, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Technorati. The only drawback is that it supports integration with twitter or facebook.

Add This is one of the most recommended to share content, because with it we can get statistics and even integrate with Google Analytics.

These are just some of the tools we can use to promote our products, there are more options and be used to make a Ping pages of our article or even mention it in other blog when we make any kind of comment.

I wish you the best of success and continue to work on our blog, I invite you to comment on their experiences with their blogs and even mentioning some tools to better promote our products.

Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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