How To Suggest Training Programs In Business Organization

There is no denying the fact that the greater efficiencies are attained due to training. There is no development in terms of effectiveness and efficiency if there is no training program for the employees. Training and developments programs can not only increase the overall performance of a business enterprise, but also lead it to form a standard organizational structure in which each and every employee will be in a position to contribute his part objectively in the direction of attaining common goals of a business entity. Since the intent is to promote the latent abilities of the employees, various training

and development programs need be suggested. This would lead to adopt particular methods.

In the first place, proposing various training and development programs involves identifying the need of training at all levels of an organizational structure of a business organization. Since it is important to suggest the required training, suitable programs are to be considered accordingly. This will lead to arrange different tests in accordance with nature of work that employees carry out currently.

Questionnaires or feedback forms, role play methods of training are designed in such a way as it is easy to get adequate information through these methods. In addition, employees are asked to give brief presentations. All these methods are helpful for making an assessment of the employees in terms of their knowledge, skills and other abilities that can lead them to get promotions. It would thus be a best way to judge whether employees have potentials or not.

Having evaluated properly the performance of

the employees, various training programs are suggested by stressing the importance of training in the areas in which employees show lack of performance or they do not show desired level of performance. For instance, if an employee shows inadequate performance in business communication - even if he is a supervisor, the need of training for the improvement of business communication skills is suggested. Similarly, those who hail from accounting and finance field, they are tested whether they are capable of handling more advanced tasks or not so as to let them undergo training programs accordingly.

Since the prime objective of training is to unlock the potentials of the employees, the programs are to be suggested accordingly to help the employees greatly in developing their talents and assisting them to succeed in their personal objectives, such as, promotions or salary increments etc.

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