Valuable Tips For Keen Gardeners In Autumn

The beauty of plants at home is revealed most fully in the warm seasons. To enjoy this during the upcoming spring, care for the plants should start right now, in the fall season. So bring tender plants at home.
Most plants that grow in the summer garden or on the terrace need a warm place in the winter. Very few of them will survive if you leave them outdoors. Do not worry and do not rush to check off if your favorite colors change or fade - leaves browned and even decline. This is a completely normal reaction, driven by

the temperature difference inside-out. Very soon they will grow green leaves, which you will enjoy in the winter.
The good housewife knows flowers perfectly well. Most of them are not active in the winter - do not grow, do not let new leaves and blossom. That is
why they do not require active care and feeding especially after insertion home. If you are in the summer you water them often and you feed them with fertilizers and solutions, now do the opposite - depending on the type of soil observe when the plant gets really dry, and then irrigate. In the summer due to high temperatures and active vapors, this happens even several times a week. Now you can do it even once every two weeks.
To enjoy the beautiful and vibrant colors of most bulbs planting should be done in September and October. In winter they will be able to better take root in the soil and to adapt to conditions and in spring they will be ready to enjoy our senses. Crocuses, tulips, daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths, primroses - spring flowers are planted in the fall.

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