Tips To Get More Followers On Twitter

It is quite normal when one just begun on a new social network, followers or friends are slow to appear, as in the case of Twitter. This social network gives us the ability to have followers, they can read the content (tweets) that we publish on Twitter.

Today we look at some tips to get more followers on Twitter. The procezo always be natural, then will you reach no more than 100 followers overnight, unless you're a Twitter guru.

Tips to get more followers on Twitter:

1 - Complete your Twitter profile

Complete Twitter profile and fill in the data is always a good

option to get some more followers. Some friends you can find at your blog, email or other data.

2 - Designing your channel Twitter

Send a unique and important to your Twitter is a vital step for each user who visits your channel Twitter follow you. You can call or no attention to the design of your Twitter, so try to find a fund that is not used and that is good. See an example of a good background in @ arinee, not many followers as Britney Spears, but has 800 and that is enough.

3 - Post tweets quality

The quality tweets are those that provide the true information by which you have been following your followers. You can give a theme to your Twitter and posting many tweets about it. The quality tweets do not have much text, only the necessary and usually link to blogs where the information is.

4 - Keep conversations with your followers

In this way they publish on their channels Twitter a link to your profile and you will get more followers as the popularity having your current followers.

5 - Respond to tweets from people you follow

If we do this they will know that we like your information and we may continue. We should not spend too far, because if that happens you are artarán and not have a good presence on Twitter.

6 - Follow people with similar tastes

Follow people the same themes you on Twitter or just like you have the same as you. Many of them may follow you and be completely natural and they will read your tweets being of topics they like.

7 - Invite your friends to Twitter

Invite your friends, family, colleagues and partners who register on Twitter and then follow you. It's a good way to get followers, especially if you have many friends who are not yet registered.


- Post on your blog your Twitter profile

Having a popular blog or not a good way to attract followers, either by posting updates on Twitter and my blog readers have with Twitter or post an entry on Twitter and post a link to your account.

9 - Help yourself from other networks

If you use other social networks besides Twitter Suggest to your friends who sign up for Twitter and follow you. It is another good way to attract new users to Twitter and make them follow you.

10 - Post consistently and good information

Whenever you publish good information is constant, since if we publish a good tweet today and tomorrow do not publish anything, will not receive retweets or anything.

11 - hello and goodbye to your followers

Whenever you start a new day on Twitter greets your friends, so they will respond and your profile will appear in the accounts of every follower of your followers. Do the same when you finish your day. This can be associated with the tip 5.

12 - when they have more users tweets

Try to post your tweets to your followers hours are connected, so you have more replies, retweets and even more likely to have more followers.

13 - Attend meetings twitters

Meetings or conferences twitters are a good way to get followers. Also discussed many topics that will help you improve as a twitterer you too. Surely in your city has such meetings or conferences.

14 - tweets like a blog

As a blog we try to have more readers and visitors comments, on Twitter we can do the same, the methods are similar and if we have a good blog, why not manage to have a good Twitter?.

15 - Be patient

Fans come with time, if you see a user with more than 1,000 followers on Twitter is because long tweets. You just try to follow all the steps properly and you will see that over time the results will be very positive.

Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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