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I'll admit I did not know what SEO even stood for when I first began writing and I'm not going to claim that I am a seasoned writer far from it so I'll explain my understanding of Search Engine Optimization (how high your article or blog appears when searched) with you.

You can achieve higher SEO with proper tagging. Again when I first began writing I didn't give a whole lot of thought to spending time on creating tags but they are just as important as writing the content. Some individuals seem to invest more time in tagging than in the

actual article but I cannot agree with this method because although they may get high initial hits the readers will automatically leave without reading the content, searching other works by the same author or checking out any of the advertisements on your page. Therefore content writing and proper tagging are equally important in my mind.

One way to check which keywords rank the highest is

with Google trends. You can compare several related keywords to see which are the most highly searched and it will also tell you related terms which may be rated significantly higher than what you intended to use.

Obviously the way to be rated number one on Google or other search engines is to buy the spot (Google Trends) is also helpful with choosing your category or categories.
Another way to achieve higher SEO is to have numerous comments on your article or post and additionally to have several back links to your site (Pinterest is extremely beneficial with this) And that in a nutshell is SEO for beginners would love to here your comments on the matter.

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