Importance Of Being Optimistic

Optimism is a key to success. It gives meaning to our life. Optimism, on the one hand, allowing one to have an optimistic outlook on life, lets a person gain confidence, on the other hand, it brings positive change to one’s mind so that he can overcome his own problems successfully. Hence, it is important for a person to be optimistic so that he may live life in a way he pleases.

Regardless of situations, an optimistic person never loses his hope, as it is hope that paves the ways for gaining confidence. In this way, both optimism and confidence lead

to achievements. Therefore, one should try to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. As long as a person stays optimistic, he remains energetic to deal with complicated or uncontrollable situations successfully.

An optimistic person is he or she who never gets discouraged by any state of affairs, but looks at all things more positively that in turn leads him or her to bring improvements. He is a person who considers that whatever be the area of trouble, there can be positive or alternative ways through which he can come out from various difficult situations courageously.

On should know the fact that without hope and confidence, nothing can be achieved. So, being optimistic is as important as making yourself confident, as

it promotes happiness which results in finding different solutions against various hindrances to success.

In order to set goals and to achieve them being in anticipation of the future, it is important for anyone to have positive energy and to view things from all angles, rather than seeing from one perspective. Being optimistic, one can develop one’s positive attitude that enables him to think broadly which can lead him to achieve his goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. This way, being optimistic is being motivated and being motivated is fulfilling one’s dreams and ambitions while overcoming negativity.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
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BBA; MBA-Finance; M.Phil-Financial Management; (PhD-Management)
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Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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