The Amazing Spiderman: Is That The Future Of Batman Series Also?

Hello guys,

I recently seen the new spiderman movie, I heard about they were going to reboot the series before i saw it, so i didn't paid attention to the movie time it was released, but ultimately end up watching it months after release as i been very busy earlier.

And really i could say just one sentence after watching it, "what a terrible waste of time and money".

So i thought i should post my review about it as i been a fan of Spiderman movies since release of the first movie, i watched it when i was a kid and really

liked them and became a fan, i use to wait for every release and use to watch them with so much interest. it was one of the only few super hero movie series i ever liked besides Batman:The Dark Knight.

How ever coming back to new spiderman, That was a terrible reboot of the series, now i know many people like andrew garfield who is a fine actor in his league and many watched the movie just because they thought it may have something bette to offer. i did too, i saw the trailer, i thought so what it is a reboot it may be a better movie or not then atleast a good time passer but no i was totally wrong there, it's simply wasn't worth of time.

at the start of movie you see peter's dad(a scientist researching on mutation) and mom leaving house in a hurry, collecting all his research material and he put it in a bag and just leave, the end up at at uncle's ben and ask peter to stay with him and aun may, no contact details, not revealing where they going and what actually happend to peter, simply Illogical.

And if you think that's shit, it gets shitty, peter parker(a high school student end's up at a research facility poweed by oscorp, and he easily breaks in restricted access zone by showing receptionist a card that was already kept on the table of reception, the hell was that? I can bear the fact that receptionist have no eyes, but no brains as well? that's silly loop hole in story, and then we see gwen stacy there as assistance of doctor conners? the hell? a highshool student can be assistant at a restricted research facility working on genetic mutation?

Moving on further the creep show continues, We see Ifan Khan in the movie who plays role of an executive of osborn. he enters area where new research serum on

genetic mutation is kept that can cause mutation in body of animals and most probably humans, Such a powerful thing is kept under nearly no security or password or even finger printing access security, i mean c'mon that's just so stupid!

So peter just uses his finger on the door and the door opens easily without any panic, and then there he gets bitten by a spider, and bang, say hello to teenage spidey in a train? i don't know about you but this made absolute no sence to me, and i began to hate movie whe i see a highschooler making gadget that can shoot spider web and make him swing around city how more stupid it could get? i don't care about the lead actor had any chemistry or not, i just wanted good stunts from spidey and atleast some logic that i didn't get to see at all, what i see as villian is a round mouth green lizard? all in all nowhere close to what i expect from a spiderman movie.


Well somehow i seen the movie and end up praying for no sequal to it. i felt so bad thinking of, is that going to be future of  Batman series as well?


Well after end of dark knight series they sure are planning for either reboot or maybe something like that, but after watching The Amazing Spiderman, there is no way i'm going to watch a reboot of any series that just ended, they can just simply put their moneymaking trick in their pocket!


But yeah if they plan to fix some broken things in the ending of Batman: The dark knight rises, which was really nice movie, they can easily transform series into Batman:Beyond, That would be absolute fun to watch and really cool as well, as Terry becomin new Batman, and old bruce vain returning to gotham few years before that who end's up becoming Terry's mentor.


That was a good cartoon series, also has a movie in which the joker returns in the future. that would be much sensible compared to bullshit story like the new spiderman.

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