Lego Minifigures

Lego minifigure is a tiny plastic model offered as part of the Lego construction toy, created by the Lego Group, a Danish toy manufacturer.

Minifigures are the tiny LEGO people made of plastic, who inhabit the LEGO worlds. Most of the LEGO sets contain some Minifigures; LEGO has also sold out assortments of Minifigures as separate sets. They are also acknowledged as Lego people or Minifigs. They were firstly created in 1978, and have become tremendously successful, with more than 3.7 billion production. The Lego mini figure appears in a diversity of media, comprising books, movies and video games.

These figures are

generally found in the Lego mini figure sets, though they are also sold distinctly as magnets and key chains. Whereas some are termed as definite characters, licensed either from film franchises or of Lego’s own creation, several are unnamed and are created merely to fit in a particular theme such as astronauts, police officers
or pirates. LEGO Star Wars mini figures have turn out to be extremely popular since its first release by LEGO in 1999. LEGO embraces the complete sequence of Star Wars movies, from the first Star Wars movie released in 1977 to the latest Star Wars movie releases.
 LEGO sets with the star war theme usually comprise of a Star Wars mini figure or two. LEGO mini figures have always been a rage with LEGO supporters and there is no difference in the Star Wars listing of mini figures. LEGO appears to have gone the additional mile in developing these mini action figures for the Star Wars themed sets. Lots of mini figures involved in these LEGO sets are enormously detailed and symbolize the Star Wars movie forms of the figures very finely.

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