Best Unknown Free Apps On The Android Market

  If you have an android device then you must have visited Google Playstore to download some apps, you might be familiar with the most popular apps that you can download from the top free apps, but there are many apps that are very useful but did not make it to the top list, this article will list some of these apps:

1.Call Recorder: if you want to record your calls for any reason this app is an automated system that records every call you get and every call you make, you have the option of keeping those calls in

your phone or deleting them, you don’t know when you use it and it is automated so why not download it?

2.Funny Jokes App: did you visit some joke websites online? You might have got bored since all the jokes are repeated and not classified,

but you wont have this problem with this app. This app is interactive, only the users can enter jokes and the new jokes will be voted up by the users and appear on top of the page, it requires an internet connection to work but provides you with fresh jokes.

3.Hubi: Does your phone not play videos from famous websites like Nowvideo or Putlocker? This app can not only play those videos but also download them, it is very convenient and easy if you are a constant video watcher.

4.HamsterLife: this one is for the kids who want to raise hamsters but can’t. This app is very realistic and is very suitable to engage the little ones, so you can download this app for your kids.

Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

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