A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved – How It Relates To Management Function Of Coordinating

One of the most important functions of business management is coordination which is undertaken at all levels of management. Coordination entails synchronizing the activities and assigning them to different individuals, divisions and departments. In order for a business to achieve its goals and objectives successfully, coordination plays a vital role. It requires that every employee extends his sincere efforts and assistance so as to contribute to the common goals of an organization in a way as it's desired. 

As coordination encourages and promotes team spirit, a lot of organizational problems are shared and eventually solved. One of the many benefits of coordination

in a business organization is that, when applied properly, it works in such a way that there can be no conflicts or disagreements between the team members. Rather, the activities are carried out by mutual help, assistance and agreement of all the employees. This gives rise to work enthusiastically and produce the results effectively and efficiently.

It is obvious that every organization has its own problems. The example of a good organization is that it gets its problems solved by its employees, as they are skilled and trained to do so. A good organization trains to develop both hard and soft skills of the employees in order to make them fully equipped to identify the requirement. It leads them to be in a position to work effectively and efficiently.  In case of problems, they can solve them on their own efforts and by mutual help.


must be noted that the problems need be identified, discussed and shared so as to solve them. It is one of the practices of a good management that it encourages the employees to do so, so as to solve or overcome the problems by means of the sincere efforts of the team members. Hence, the saying that a problem shared is a problem halved does not only turn out to be true in a good organization, but it also offers a good advice for the organizations where the employees do not work with each other’s help and assistance. In this way, it may be rightly said that maintaining effective coordination is to lead a business towards maintaining effective functioning state that can definitely bring desired results.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
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