Reading: Need, Importance And Benefits

“Read in order to live” - Gustave Flaubert

“Read in order to live” - Gustave Flaubert

Every individual needs knowledge, wisdom, ideas and the ability to build better life; to solve both existing and arising problems of life so that he may live life comfortably and contentedly. These are such important elements that enable one to follow the path of reason and intellect while helping him to grow and develop from within. Even those who have been deprived of education seem to have had an intense desire of these.This leads one to recognize and remind the importance of learning while emphasizing on “Live and learn” so that one can

enhance knowledge and eventually get wise to oneself. It is thus very necessary for every individual to keep himself well-informed and cultured by dint of learning and agreeing to take it as a lifelong learning process.This is possible- one can become cultivated if he cultivates good practices or habits. One of the best activities that brings one gratifying fruition is the habit of reading because reading is the best source of providing massive amount of useful information, as Sir Francis Bacon says, “Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man.” Of these three parts of the quotation, reading is the very basic step for the acquisition of knowledge which provides required information to a reader.

Blessed is the person who has inculcated the habit of reading as he is not lonely or unhappy, but being at ease, he is in the company of scholars, authors, poets,writers, artists and professionals while reading,with pleasure, the contents to his heart content. In fact, the blessings of reading are in plenty, but the single most significant one is that the reader is bestowed upon a lifelong source of inspiration and pleasure of contentment provided that he reads the right kind of stuff that may let him tread in the right direction leading him towards the right thinking and the right application of acquired knowledge.

The society we live in is changing rapidly. The present period of time is the period of science and technology and the constant developments in the domain of technology have brought unparalleled progress in almost all the fields of human activities and the technology is universally laid and accepted and agreed with all its inclusive structure. Thus, in this dynamic world which is replete with challenges and intense competitions all around, one must strive to be competent and skilled that he may find favorable opportunities; that the capabilities may have occasion to blossom and finally the life may be merry and fulfilling.This can be attainable if an individual habitually reads the right kind of books and stuff to enhance both knowledge and wisdom.

Evidence reveals that many an author have not only inspired the individuals to change their lives for the better but also made them successful in their every walk of life. It thus may be said that those who have succeeded wouldn’t have been successful had they not read those authors. This gives rise to get into the habit of reading and persistently committed to it so that one can get satisfaction from the stuff he reads while gaining more and more knowledge and being able to

make sensible decisions and judgments on the basis of personal knowledge.

There are varieties of subjects available to be read about - depending upon one’s selection or discrimination. In any manner or way, Reading is the best source of knowledge, inspiration and lifelong pleasure. Reading may be for enjoymentor entertainment which you can get by reading novels or short stories and the articles providing tips for your daily life.In order to get hold on professional subject matters and to gain conceptual development, you need to read the related material and articles. If you want to enhance your concentration and brain power, you must read those texts that require your attention to be focused helping you out to improve your concentration. Poetry has great power and appeal to instill noble thoughts in readers. When you are weary due to hectic schedule, you need to spare a little time to rest and to relax by reading those pieces of writings that provide a healthy recreation.

The modern world we live in is full of information in the form of literature, study material, facts and the pieces of writings on various subjects providing an individual not only the required knowledge but also the methods to improve the skills.There is a lot of good stuff available on the internet relating to religion, literature, geography, history, poetry sociology, psychology, science and space science and much more which can be chosen according to the interest and taste.

Mention deserves to be made about this very website, which is candidly committed to supplying useful information and to serve many an individual who are in quest of quality such as knowledge and the right information – as indicated on the website, “expertscolumn where information becomes insight.” You can find here the articles that are informative, enriching knowledge and entertaining. It is anticipated while reading you may be glad and appreciative of the earnest effortsof the writers who produce their unique articles or various pieces of writings for you by their sheer hardwork and sincerity to bring the write-ups helping you out in many ways. So do as it has been pointed out by Socrates, “Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writing so that you shall come easily by what others have labored hard for.”

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