Some Important Beauty Tips For Men To Look Better

It’s not that men need not worry about their appearance and the beauty tips are confined to benefit women only. It is true, like women, men cannot apply any makeup to improve their looks, but there are still some ways that are beneficial for men to enhance their appearance.  Hence, it is necessary for you to adopt those ways that can boost your personal presentation. Below are mentioned some important tips which can be followed on regular basis to make your look better.

Tip 1:  You can take benefit from those cosmetics that have been produced for men, such as, Fair

and handsome, which is really a good product to give you a fair and handsome look. You can also use moisturizer specifically made for you - whenever necessary.

Tip 2: You should always take proper care of your skin. Taking bath every day with a soap that suits your skin best is a good habit. It not only keeps you fresh everyday but also keeps you active. Applying a gentle cleanser after bath is also advisable.

Tip 3: After taking a hot shower, a few minutes later, shave your face correctly as it will give you a smooth shave. Use after shave gel immediately after you finish shaving as this practice will avoid irritation that causes after shave usually. Ensure that you are using a pretty good blade always.

Tip 4: You must know your smile has to do a lot with your personal presentation. Having a grin spread across your face at all times is a sign of energetic and attractive personality. Keep your teeth whiter and brighter always that your smile may beam an

appealing smile. Use whitening tooth paste and brush your teeth twice a day regularly. If it is thrice a day, that is even better to have your teeth brighter. In addition, using mouthwash is also advisable.

Tip 5: Take care of your nails. Remember that your nails should not extend over the tip of your finger or toe. As your nails lengthen, cut them regularly or keep them trimmed. Long nails do not look good.

Exercise or jogging on regular basis is a good source to keep you healthy and fit everyday. Besides, you must be careful about your diet. Avoid fried and oily food items as it will increase your cholesterol level. Apply hair dyes that suit your hairs. You can use the cosmetics that have been made for men specially to make you look fairer and younger and handsomer. Remember that it is also you birth right to look better and enjoy a fulfilling life.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
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