Sofia Vergara, Not Just A Beautiful Face

  If you ever watched “Modern Family” or follow American News or even know English, then you probably have heard about Sofia Vergara. The quickly shining star is best known from her role in “Modern Family” as Gloria, who is married to an older man but not for his money, and who is a bit of a hothead.

  The 40 year old Colombian actress was discovered at the beach by a photographer,she first worked in a Pepsi commercial  , she is a survivor of cancer, she came from a religious and conservative surrounding in Columbia to fame in her

country and then in America and brought with her her 20 year old son, her mother, her sister, and her cousin and adpoted sister
Sandra who is an actress like Sophia.

  But behind the stunning looks one can’t help but notice Sofia’s excellent acting skills combining simplicity with professionalism and incredible sense of humor giving the most realistic portrait of the character she plays.

  So if looks deceive you, you won’t be deceived here but you will be surprised that this attractive actress coming from a normal background didn’t depend on beauty but worked on improving herself so much, that she became one of the most talented people around.



A Salute To Sofia …

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