What Is The Sloppy Swish?

  “It’s a stupid dance created by a crazy person.” That’s how it is introduced in the Snl video short entitled: “ THE LEGEND OF MOKIKI AND THE SLOPPY SWISH.”
  Talented actor, dancer, and writer Taran Killam is the one who does this dance in the video short, the digital short is in season 38 episode 7 with the host Anne Hathaway.
  The dance is extremely simple if you look at it but it is surprisingly hard to do if you try it, the idea of it is to put one leg in front of the other and

then remove it in a ‘’sloppy swish’’ fashion.
  The digital short and the dance are gaining a lot of momentum with it being famous around the U.S.A, many people are posting pictures and videos of them doing it on birthdays, there are even ‘’sloppy swish’’ nights where the people in a club all try to do this dance;
In fact many people are comparing this dance to the Gangman Style.

The song starts like this (lyrics):
The island of Manhattan, full of life and history, and mystery.
There’s a legend in this city and this legend is a man.
who he is and where he come from it is hard to understand.
He’s a creature like no other and his name is Mokiki
He wanders across the island doing just one thing:
Mokiki does the sloppy swish
Look at him move
Mokiki does the sloppy swish
He’ll hypnotize you…..
**Next to Taran, Anne Hathaway, and Kenan Thompson star in this video**
Why not try the sloppy swish? If you haven’t seen it just google it , 

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