Some Important Qualities Contributing To Self-improvement

Self-improvement is as the word itself signifies. It is the process by which a person improves his knowledge, character, experience and status by his own efforts. Developing a sense of self and motivating in the direction of attaining knowledge; increasing the qualities of mind and feeling; finding the opportunities for gaining good sense and experience and making or enhancing the relative position or standing in the society, must always be regarded as worth doing. It is thus to stir yourself to desired success. Indeed, there are various personal qualities that contribute to self-improvement. Some of those that help immensely in

developing one’s character are mentioned herein.

Having a loving sight at your parents at all times and respecting and caring for them by unreserved enthusiasm is such a valuable deed that not only makes your entire life successful, but also instills you the power to resist disastrous situations or events, while it lets you exist being exalted in the sight of almighty God.

Maintaining a good conduct always, showing your good behavior with due respect to elders and being kind to everyone, act courteously with a glimmer of a smile earns you respect and increases your value in the society. Besides, being good and gentle is not confined to humans only, you need to be gentle to animals and birds and the total environment, while being vigilant that your existence does not harm any other existence.

If you want that you be known as a good person in the society, you need to have good intentions always. Having good intentions is to encourage yourself to have the right attitude and kind feelings towards others, while it allows you not to resent somebody for mistakes, misunderstanding, wrong doings or they show you even an inappropriate behavior.

Though it seems  one of the toughest things to do, coming out of your perceptual framework, that is, a habitual way of thinking or interpreting events, yet you do

it and love for others what you love for yourself then you will be regarded as unusually excellent and a wonderful person. This will not only earn you a good name but will also create a high opinion about you leaving a lasting impression on others.

We are all equal in the sight of God, but it is we that have developed various discriminations in terms of ranks and categories and titles and races and colors and nationality. It is not good to put down others or despise and transgress others based on lower status or rank. On the other hand, we need to help and support the weak, those who are in a state of extreme poverty and those who are disabled having a feeling of affection, love and giving emotional support. In this way, it could be your great quality to serve the humanity.

Finally, one must not forget that one, in terms of his deeds and actions at all times, is being watched by a supernatural being. Giving this thought to deeds and actions can let one perform the righteous deeds and actions always. It thus leads one to live life successfully while it brings self-improvement extremely well.

Written by:
K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
Writer, Trainer, Author, Vba/Vb Developer
BBA; MBA-Finance; M.Phil-Financial Management; (PhD-Management)
MA-English; M.Phil-English
Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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