Some Important Ways To Overcome Boredom

There comes a time in life when you feel bored. It feels as if the passage of time has slowed down. You may think you have run out of things to do. It may also be so that you begin to feel nothing seems to be interesting. Boredom can be really a cause of depression unless it’s dealt with in a way as there isn’t any space for it. Having felt bored of your life, if you are left without anything to do in particular and you are in search of the ways to overcome the situation, you might find

this article helpful, as it discusses how you can beat your boredom.

It is important to know that boredom is actually an emotional state of mind. You start experiencing it when you have nothing to do in particular. The aggregate surrounding conditions are not as much important as it is how you take it all. So, one of the best ways to beat your boredom is the realization that the situations are not a greater cause of your boredom than your emotional state of mind itself that drives you in a way you feel bored. It must be noted that your state of mind has a direct impact on what you feel and what you do. Hence, altering your mental state is within your control.

Whenever you feel bored, you should try to find the source of boredom so that you can tackle it effectively. Knowing what causes boredom is the half solution to your problem. Once you find the source of boredom or the situational clues to underlying causes of your boredom, you can not only find ways to relieve your boredom, you can also be in a position not to allow any space for it the future in case the same situations arise.

Boredom is the enemy of happiness. If you want to feel better and happier, then, defeat the enemy of your happiness. One of the best things to conquer it is that you do not lack things to do. If boredom is when you are unable to do things you want to do, then, you need to motivate yourself and manage your time in such a way as to eliminate the cause of boredom. Keep yourself busy with those activities that interest you best, such as, reading, watching TV or playing games or social activities etc. By doing so, you can get out of boredom and turn it into fun.

Remember that you are not physically confined to a room or you don’t stay in a closed area. Doing so may increase your boredom rather than being a remedy. The air that we breathe indoors is not as fresh as it is outside. You need to go outside to feel better. Breathing fresh air for a few minutes freshens your mind, changes your mood immediately and makes you more positive. Besides, humming or singing hymns, heart soothing songs, listening alluring music during the time when you are being bored is another way for your

own entertainment.

Sometimes a consistent and boring routine of activities can make you feel bored. Being a mind-numbing experience, it may lead to troubles and frustrations. If you want to overcome this aspect of your current life, you need to explore the ways or new possibilities to tackle the situation currently as well as to prevent long term boredom. Here, I would like to give you an example of an accountant who used to be so bored of his routine assignments that led him to frustration and to lower his morale. The assignments were comparatively lower level than what he could do based on his qualification and skills. At that point in time, there did not seem to be any hope of having his assignments changed to match his abilities. There were only two options left for him, either quitting job or bringing a significant change in order to get out of his depression caused by his boredom. However, to him, compromising his job and duties was more important than quitting his job for his own sake, as he was the responsible person for his family members to make a living. He wanted to bring a good change and development in his job duties and improve his career. Fortunately, he was good at computer programming. What he did best on the basis of his additional and creative skills that he developed computer programs to automate his tasks reducing time and efforts that he spent doing manually. Not only it enabled him to overcome his boredom, but it also provided him new possibilities to improve his knowledge, skills, experience and efficiency - That’s how he could turn the tiresome activities into interesting ones using his creative skills and could beat his boredom successfully. Hence, what may be construed is that you should not allow your boredom to overtake you. Instead of sitting idle when feel bored, you should do some useful things and let your creativity flow without letting it blocked by just expectations. Using your creative thinking and skills will not only enable you to beat your boredom, but also to prevent long term boredom. This way, boredom can be possibly good, as it gives the opportunity to bring self-improvement for all your sakes.

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K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui)
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BBA; MBA-Finance; M.Phil-Financial Management; (PhD-Management)
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Pursuing CMA-USA
Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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