First Lady In Islam

Khadija, the wife of Muhammad: Contrary to some male historians, women have played a vital role in Islamic history. While they might have been left out of historical narratives as a result of men who believed that women were not part of the development of Islamic civilizations scholars will nevertheless find significant contributions by them.


Khadija proposed: The first woman in early Islam was Khadija, the wife of the holy prophet Muhamad. Muhammad’s beginnings were humble. He was an infant when his mother Amina died. He was taken to live with his uncle. When his uncle died a few years later

he was all alone. He was employed by Khadidja, a business woman fifteen years his senior, and married her when she was forty and he twenty-five. Khadidja had made the proposal for marriage and it was accepted. For many years they were very happy. Muhammad had been very lonely in his early years and Khadidja was a comfort to him. He missed her and mourned her when she died.


Ayesha the youngest: Muhamad later married a young girl Ayesha, of whom he was enormously fond and

had to wait for her to be old enough before they could consummate the marriage. There was an engagement period where Ayesha was promised to him; it was normal for the time. Their relationship was such that when the prophet was on his death bed, he requested that he be with Ayesha instead of one of the other women whose turn it was. The other wives agreed and the prophet’s head rested on Ayesha’s lap until he died. Muhamad did not marry these women out of lust. The Battle of Uhud cost many men their lives and the revelation came from God to Muhamad that if he can take on the responsibility of another woman and her children, he can marry her. The idea behind it was to preserve the woman’s sanctity and that she need not live in shame. A man was allowed to do this four times. God did not recommend the practice, but allowed it.

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