Stay Competent With Good Sense - Not With Professional Jealousy

Much difference exists between the aspects like, a competition with a positive attitude to contribute to the organizational objectives and growth and a competition with a feeling of professional jealousy. Seeing the advancement of a colleague, in the former instance, if one undertakes a competition, proceeds to develop his horizons and fails unluckily based on performance appraisal indicating need of more enhancements, loses nothing more than the opportunity, but the latter reveals the loss of opportunity as well as the mental peace. The deed is not to appease oneself or benefit the organization but to belittle the abilities of others.
Being inspired by a colleague, taking on a healthy competition and striving to build competence and accomplish a task is quite admirable but it is detrimental to undertake it having founded the fort of envious thoughts against him. It might rather be understood on the basis of psychological factor that one gets bewildered because of lost mental peace. Since the clouds of resentment spread out due to jealous attitude are overcast one’s mind and the glow of positive thoughts gets dimmer, one makes the things mess and directs oneself wrongly. Even though the competitor is well decorated with the ornament of knowledge but its luminosity is unrefined due to lack of good sense - so is the attitude unsophisticated. The abstract of the article “Knowledge and Wisdom” by Bertrand Russell, focuses the point. What according to the writer’s view may be perceived in brief is knowledge without wisdom is inconsequential unless the knowledge is combined with wisdom. Therefore, it is necessary to have wisdom for the implementation of good knowledge and making right decisions. One must be convinced with the fact that life cannot be lived without wisdom. One needs to understand clearly the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge can be defined as something that can be acquired by seeing, reading, hearing and studying. The acquired knowledge may be good or indifferent, so there is a need of wisdom to eliminate what has been acquired wrongly. A pickpocket acquires a good knowledge of his activity to be carried out but he will never be appreciated for his act. A wise man passes his life to the best of his ability in the light of good sense. The fact that good sense plays a significant role is quite observable, as
such, the pursuit of knowledge is different from the establishment and development of good sense. So, in terms of professionalism lack of good sense manifest the interpersonal conflict. Professional jealousy ought to be amid other social evils. The contrast between them and professional jealousy is they mushroom in the society because of ignorance while it develops in the organization despite the obtainment of knowledge- originating from the egocentricity. It leads to the wrong diplomacy and disfavors altruism. As the other evils harm the society so it does to the organization. It is conspicuous enough not to have mutual teamwork in such atmosphere. There may be several reasons of conflicts, such as, one’s disagreement with respect of pay and position, perception and attitudes. Supposedly, if A gets paid more than B, instead of considering his colleague’s exposure, knowledge and seniority, and making himself acquainted with the guidelines of human resources, B establishes a counterfeit competition which is based on professional jealousy - which is what is to be said unhealthy for the organization and which is not contributory to the organizational objectives. In organizations conflict is inevitable inasmuch as it is for the benefits of organizations, it may rather be substantial, but, if it is to harm others’ image and emotions, it is improper. Nonetheless, there is a choice for anyone to take competition by putting his sincere efforts towards the direction of organizational objectives. The use of co-operative strategies among the employees lead to the positive results. Besides, there is a need of positive attitude so that it may be conclusive evidence to the success of the organization. If one under takes the competition by virtue of a positive attitude and makes every possible effort to build his organizational competencies and enhances his skills then there would be an exemplary benefit to both, the participant as well as the organization. There might be no term to be assigned. It would rather be called as a healthy competition for organizational growth - which is acceptable -which is not based on professional jealousy but based on self-assessment in the light of good sense. By: K.A.Fareed (Fareed Siddiqui) Pursuing PhD-Management; MPhil-Financial Management; MBA-Finance; MPhil-English; MA-English; MIMC- Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India

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