What Is Research? What Are Research Objectives?

The meaning of research may be briefly and clearly understood when one visualizes the fact that there are situations when one’s personal knowledge and experience is not sufficient to solve an issue or to prove something or to find new facts or new information. In order to do so, he needs to get the information which is beyond his personal knowledge and experience. In this way, the inquiry pertaining to new knowledge leads to undertake a research. Thus research, in simple terms, refers to search for knowledge.

Research is a careful study of a subject which is undertaken in order that

the new facts or information may be discovered. Research is also a methodical investigation which is applied into a subject so that a theory may be established or revised accordingly. It is through the research that the plan of action may be developed on the basis of the facts having been discovered.

One of the main objectives of research is to discover new facts or the truth. In this way, the answer to the question, what the purpose of this study is the first step toward the due process of a research or investigation. Another objective of conducting a research is to represent the characteristics of an individual or situation that in general involves description. In this way, the two

objectives that are commonly used are: description and explanation. Objectives can also be set on the basis of the findings of others. For example, if someone has done a research and there are some aspects that need to be focused more, in this way, those aspects may be described or explained in a more detailed way in order to strengthen the subject or topic accordingly.

It is very important to define clear objectives at the initial stage itself so that the investigation may be applied accordingly. In this way, a careful study on each and every aspect will be of great help to conduct a successful research.

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