How To Clean Up And Fix Mislabeled Itunes Songs

One of the easiest ways that you can clean up and fix mislabeled iTunes songs is by using a software application that can analyze your music tracks. We recommend using TuneUp for iTunes, because the software plugin can help improve your music collection. TuneUp is also a cross-platform application that works well with both Windows and Mac iTunes. The software application can fix all your mislabeled songs, correct tracks, add missing album artwork and more. The full version of TuneUp is priced under $50. You can also try out TuneUp free trial version for 15-days without obligation.


1. Open you web

browser and type the URL address, "" in the search box. Click on the Search button when you are done. When the website's homepage loads, click on the "Download Free Trial" button. If you're using Windows, you will be redirected to a web page for Windows users. Mac users will be redirected to a different web page to download the free trial version of TuneUp.

2. Get ready to install TuneUpon on your computer. But before you begin, make cetain your computer meets the software's system requirements. Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7 users will need the following: 20MB free hard drive space, iTunes 8.2.1 or higher or Windows Media Player 10+, Pentium 4™ processor or greater, 2GB RAM, a

DSL or cable Internet connection. No proxy or corporate firewall. Digital music must be in MP3, M4A or WMA format.

3. Click on the "Upgrade" button, if you decide to purchase the Activation Code for TuneUp before your trial period ends. Then enter your code to unlock TuneUp.

4. Be sure to read the "Getting Started Guide" to learn how to manage and organize your iTunes songs with TuneUp. Also, don't forget to watch the "Demo Video of TuneUp" and if you have any questions, check out their website's FAQ web page. Go to "" for more information.

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