Why Moneybookers Is Better Than Paypal For Receiving Earnings

This article was inspired by a column published here not too long ago, whose writer said that he felt Paypal was a better option in receiving online payment as compared with Moneybookers. I want to use this column as an opportunity to beg to differ.

From my perspective, I totally don’t agree with the statement that Paypal is better than Moneybookers for online payments. The reason I don’t believe for a second Paypal is better than Moneybookers is because of the following reasons:

• The first reason I don’t think Paypal is better than Moneybookers or Skrill as it is now called

is because of the fact that not everybody from every corner of the world can have access to Paypal and even use it. Paypal is good, and it is something that I cannot deny. But it has a huge disadvantage as not everybody can use it. Just like one of my best friends who lives in the African country of Burkina Faso where Paypal does not work said, Paypal seems to cater for only people from developed countries. He was quite right when he said that I think. If you have noticed, Paypal does not work in about 90 percent of African countries and poor Asian countries. I find this very sad and one of the greatest weakness of any online payment processor.

I know many Asian and African friends who cry to me on a daily basis, “We have found a great online money making opportunity but because we don’t have access to Paypal we cannot participate in these online money making opportunities” This is something I find very sad and

an area where Moneybookers is far better than Paypal. With Moneybookers, anybody can sign up from which ever part of the world they are. Thanks to Moneybookers many people can now join the online money making community and make money online. It is thanks to Moneybookers that many writers on Expertscolumn.com can even receive their online earnings. So you see why I think that Moneybookers is way better than Paypal.

• Another reason I like Moneybookers and think of it as great is because of the fact that receiving payments from it is so convenient, easy and fast. Within just a few days of requesting or rather withdrawing my money from my Moneybookers account, it had reflected in my bank account. It is so fast and easy to receive money from Moneybookers.

• Also signing up for a Moneybookers account is extremely easy and fast. Within few minutes you’d have had your account set up ready to receive money or send money.

I will always choose Moneybookers over Paypal as it has been of great help to me over the years, and I believe that many of my readers who have had experience with it would also say same.

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Article Written By FAREED SIDDIQUI

I am an Individual Member of Institute of Management Consultants of India. I am a Professional with a high creative capability based on Business, Management, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Finance and Management Consulting Field. I impart part time training and development programs. I write professional articles on business & management, business English and Software Engineering.

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