Woman “refused” Abortion Dies

She consistently asked for an abortion. She literally begged and pleaded for the abortion to take place but they wouldn’t listen to her. Today it has come to light by the kind courtesy of Sky News that the Indian pregnant woman in Ireland who constantly requested for an abortion to be done in order to save her life has died tragically because the abortion was not done. Her name was Savita Halappanavar and she was 31 years old.

According to reports by Sky News, Mrs Halappanavar was about 17 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to a hospital in Ireland called

the Galway University Hospital. The hospital and its doctors are at the moment under heavy scrutiny by the authorities. The news has it that Mrs Halappanavar, while admitted to the Galway University Hospital complained of severe pains, and requested that doctors instantly perform an abortion to help ease the extreme pains that she was going through but the doctors are alleged to have refused performing abortion on the woman.

According to Mr. Praveen Halappanavar, the husband of the deceased woman, the doctors refused to carry out the abortion because of their religious beliefs. Mr. Halappanavar told the press that

the doctors categorically told him that Ireland was a Catholic country and therefore abortion was not allowed. What killed Mrs. Halappanavar? According to reports, the 31-year-old woman ended up suffering from a miscarriage and then septicaemia after doctors refused to carry out the abortion. Septicaemia, according to health experts is a severe infection in the blood that can be very dangerous. The miscarriage coupled with the septicaemia is what allegedly killed the poor woman. She died on October 28, 2012.

The death of Mrs. Halappanavar has sparked serious criticism against the Irish government, which has so far been unable to introduce laws that allow women and girls to undergo abortion even in life-threatening conditions like in the case of Mrs. Halappanavar. Major investigations are at the moment underway in an attempt to get to the root of the matter.

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