Importance Of Conjunctions In Business English Communication

Effective business English communication requires speaking and writing English language fluently and confidently. It is possible when the mastery of English grammar and structures is attained. It involves building strong vocabulary skills as well. In order to demonstrate your mastery of basics in grammar and mechanics with sentence fluency in both verbal and written communication, you need to have a good grasp of different parts of English sentences. Conjunction is one of the eight parts of English sentences.

A conjunction is a word that is used to connect words, phrases, sentences and clauses. Conjunctions are to be categorized into different types,

such as, correlative, coordinating and subordinating. All these types of conjunctions are very much helpful to allow us to communicate effectively and efficiently. They are as follows:

Correlative conjunctions: Either-or, neither-nor, whether-or, not only – but also, as-as,

Coordinating conjunctions: and, so, or, nor, for, but, yet

Subordinating conjunctions: because, since, while, before, after, unless, whereas, once, that, wherever, whenever, although

Conjunctions are one of the most powerful parts of sentences that help us to maintain a strong flow of communication. A good knowledge and understanding of various conjunctions enable us to maintain both ways of communication, verbal and written conveniently. In addition, the ability of using conjunctions appropriately will help us greatly to speak in a confident manner.

It must be noted that a great distinction between a person

who communicates English language fluently and a person who gets stuck up while communicating, is due to lack of knowledge and understanding of conjunctions. Some students have problems in creating more than two or three sentences. According to them, they can create single sentence comfortably, whereas framing more sentences seems to be difficult. This is also, mostly, due to inadequate vocabulary of conjunctions.

Since business English communication involves both speaking and writing effectively, it is  important to know and understand well several types of conjunctions so that effective and good flow of communication may be maintained in an effective and efficient manner in the work place.

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